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Misinterpretation of the spirit

We have spent recent time and energy examining the role of our spirit in relation to our soul and body, and we could spend another whole year unpacking everything. The spirit, ultimately, is a critical element of you and of me, and our recognition of it is entirely necessary as we explore the depths of communing with God.

I came across this quote from a secular source this morning and just had to share it. I believe this author does a good job explaining a distinction between our spirit and our soul/heart/psyche (the seat of our intellect, emotions and will).

“All true energy and beauty of the body, all sureness and boldness of the sword, but also all genuineness and ingenuity of the understanding, are grounded in the spirit, and they rise or fall only according to the current power or powerlessness of the spirit. Spirit is what sustains and rules, the first and last, not a merely indispensable third element.

…the whole phenomenon of literati and aesthetes is just a late consequence and mutation of the spirit falsified as intelligence. Mere ingenuity is the semblance of spirit and veils its absence.

As soon as this instrumental misinterpretation of the spirit sets in, the powers of spiritual happening shift to a sphere where they can be consciously cultivated and planned.”

The author may not realize it, but he is illustrating, from a different vantage point, the distinction between knowing God in spirit versus mind, worshiping in spirit versus mind, and so on.

Our mind is a critical element in knowing about God, but our spirit is the location where we know Him.

What are your thoughts on all this?

Why Were You Even Born?


“One of the greatest tragedies that we find, even in this most enlightened of ages, is the utter failure of millions of men and women to ever discover why they were born.  Deny it if you will-and some persons will-but wherever there are humans in this world, there are people who are suffering from a hopeless and depressing kind of amnesia.  It forces them to cry out, either silently within themselves or often with audible frustration, “I don’t even know why I was born!”   A.W. Tozer

Why were we born?  We were born to know God and enjoy Him forever!  We were born and re-born to worship the great Adonai, reflecting His characteristics back onto Himself.  We were created to worship in spirit and in truth, and the spirit within us knows when we are not living in worship.

What does it mean to worship in spirit and in truth?  It is actually an amazing picture of the union of man with the Triune God.  Worshiping in spirit is our connection with the Spirit of God.  Our purpose in prayer is to pray in agreement with the Holy Spirit, and for this reason we must learn how to be silent with Him so we can hear His promptings.  As Madame Jeane Guyon writes, “As you come into the presence of God, remain in a respectful silence for a while without being troubled for a subject for prayer.  When you feel a release, you may proceed in prayer.  If, however, there remains a tender tug at your spirit to simply stay quiet in His presence, by all means do so.  Cease all activity, lest God’s presence is diminished by your activity.”

Second, our purpose is to worship in truth.  Since Jesus is Truth and He is the Word, His Scriptures are inspiration for our meditative prayer.  Again quoting Guyon, “…allow each individual truth to be meditated upon while its sweet flavor remains fresh.  You certainly would not stuff your mouth with another bite of food until you had swallowed the last one.  Scriptural truth should be digested the same way.”

So then, worshiping in spirit and in truth, or maybe more fittingly, in Spirit and in Truth, focuses our hearts directly on the Father.  Our worship, in tune and aligned with the the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ, ushers us into the Father’s presence.  I believe that when we read in 1 John 2:13, “I write to you fathers, because you know Him who has been from the beginning,” it speaks of this full experience of the Triune God.


Worshiping in spirit and in truth is not restricted to a formal prayer time.  If we were created for worship, then our objective should be to remain there as thoroughly as possible throughout the day, being in the presence of God during the most mundane of tasks.

I guarantee you that time in the presence of the Father, facilitated by the Spirit and the Truth of the Word, quickly relegates this kind of despair to a passing thing.  We were created for worship, and when we abide there, we understand why we are here.