What is Fight Club?

Fight Club is not about literal fighting. It is not even about spiritual fighting (warfare), though we do address it. What it is really about is the struggle between who we currently are and who we were destined to be. It is our Authentic Self, yet unrealized, versus the False Self in the mirror. As a person matures in their walk with God, we are all invited into deeper areas of intimacy with Him. The problem is that our False Self does not want to go there. It is too paralyzed by fear, lies, and false perspectives, and the thought of “letting go” and being vulnerable with our Father in heaven becomes something to be doubted or avoided.

The reality is that when we learn to yield our False Self to Him, He begins to reveal our Authentic Self, or True Identity, to us, and that is when life begins to make sense. That is the point when fear gets resolved and Authority begins to grow. It is also the point at which we discover just how limitless the Holy Spirit is, as He empowers us in our state of yieldedness to our Father.

Are you ready to join the Holy Spirit as He draws you into deeper connection with the Father? If so, you are going to have to fight for it.

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