What to expect

Heroes & Heroines is a twelve month journey, designed to take established Christian men and women from False Self into True Identity, Authority and Calling. Along the way, we examine the barriers in our hearts that keep us trapped in our facades, and keep intimacy with God somewhere out of reach.

The leading Sunday of the month will be when the central monthly message is presented. The remaining Sundays, however, will be our opportunity to look deeper into specific areas the Lord identifies as being essential to our growth. Those days will begin with a brief overview of the deeper topic (as related to the theme of the month), and will follow with two different options for people: group discussion or group prayer. There will be a men’s discussion group, a women’s discussion group, and then a combined prayer group for those who choose this option.

2 responses to “What to expect

  • Bob Kendall

    Are the slides the same ones in the class, if so how do we get a password to view. That is if its ok to. I am so excited. I have a friend coming back from the mission field in a few weeks and she would love to join us if she could. Do you think that would be possible. I am taking notes to help catch her up. Thank you so much for doing this, there is such a need for this. I see and experiance the hopelessness of others on a regular basis, I wish this could be duplicated for other bodies. Thanks again,

    • metamorpheus

      Hi Bob,
      Yes, please take your friend through the slides. I know they will be hard to decipher on their own-they will definitely need your voice to bring them to life for her.

      The slides are the same exact ones we use in the class…let me know if you need any help accessing them!

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