We’d like to introduce you to the people who are facilitating this series:

Spiritual directors-The curriculum presented in Heroes & Heroines was developed by the following staff for their prior respective ministries:

Brandon Elrod  Fight Club

Desiree Elrod  Prayer and Inner Healing

Noah Elias  Fight Club

Allyson Kenney  Prayer and Inner Healing

Supporting facilitators-The following people have been instrumental in the ministries that are combining to form H&H:

Rebecca Gomez

Ryan & Christy Slack

Tim Isaac

Christine Shield

Kurt & Nariko Keesling

Patti Dedmon

Becky Bailor

One response to “Facilitators

  • Bob Kendall

    Hi guy’s
    I tried to send this twice today from my phone and it crashed each time. Third times a charm. After my prayer session a cpl of weeks ago I had some major struggles. I had listened to Brene’ Browns TED talks on vulnerability and shame and as a result my feelings of unworthiness,which I have always struggled with came roaring to the surface with a vengeance. As one week turned into two I became more miserable and asked God to deal with this.
    Fast forward to this past Sunday morning and the start of class. Allyson mentions unworthiness in her opening sentences and I’m about to come unglued. It was all I could to stay composed until it was time to move into the other rooms as needed. I made a b-line for the prayer room and God spoke deep to my heart as I have never heard Him before.
    I wrote down what He said, it’s kind of raw but it’s what I needed to hear. Bobby you see yourself as unworthy and unlovable, the truth is much different. This is how I see you. I see little Bobby playing, having fun, innocent. Loving and lovable, running around, carefree and genuine. I am proud of you, you are not defective.
    Your value is beyond measure, total worthiness. You are worthy, I confirmed that by Allyson’s opening words.
    Then me, Oh how He loves me. I can believe Him and allow Him in now.
    I have given you such a loving heart, there is no one you cannot love if you let me love through you. I have made you this wonderful, innocent little boy, full of fun, full of love, full of wonder. Now go and love people to me, let me be responsible for the results, just love them.
    Then I saw a big white board and saw God wiping it clean, He continually wiped it spotless. Nothing ever stayed on that board. And the last thing He said was , I will restore all that was taken from you and multiply it 100 fold. And as quickly as it started it stopped.
    It’s been 5 days and though there have been opportunities to do so, I have not felt unworthy since. Thanks to you all for all that you are doing and thank you Father for your grace and faithfulness. Amen

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