A Reality of Yielding

Yielding to God takes courage. Many of us say that we don’t have the faith to yield to God’s direction, invitation, prompting, leading, etc, but reality is that every time we yield we build faith. Our faith grows with our own actions. You truly can start with what feels like zero faith and have it bear instant fruit.

Yielding to God begins, quite simply, with us saying “Yes” to Him. It may be a simple directive He is giving us. “Brandon,” go talk to that person. It may be Him illuminating an injustice. “Brandon, take action-step into this!” Of course, yielding can also involve invitations to relinquish something. 

I was reading Numbers 14 yesterday, and was struck by an element of Joshua’s yielding to God. If you recall, God instructed Moses to send spies out into the Promised Land, to prepare the Israelites to rally and move forward into it. Ten spies came back and spread a message of fear, while only two spies came back with a message of destiny. 

If this analogy is at all representative of how God’s children react to His agenda nowadays, then what we might glean from this story is that only about 16% of God’s children are willing to move into His will, and yield to His leading.

God wanted to lead ALL of them into their promised destiny: a land flowing with milk and honey. That is proverbial “speak” for abundance, rest, and fulfillment. He had amazing things in store for His kids. But, the collective cry of the people was woe and self-pity, “Oh, that we had died in the land of Egypt!,” and, “We would have been better off dying in the wilderness!”

Do you hear this? They were so fearful of yielding to God and being led into a place of rest, abundance and fulfillment, that they romanticized their previous bondage! 

How often do you and I do the same? Are you doing it now? Are you minimizing how bad your misery is, or, worse yet, are you romanticizing your bondage in order to make it seem “not so bad?” All so you don’t have to yield to where God wants to take you?

What was God’s response to this in Numbers? God gave them exactly what they asked for. They shunned His leading and the special destiny He had prepared for them. They said it would have been better to die wandering in the desert. So, that is exactly what God gave them. Later on in the same chapter, God swears that the entire generation of those people would die in the desert, and their children would have to suffer in the desert 40 years because of their parents, before they could inherit the blessing the parents had shunned.

I don’t know about you, but I want the best He has for me, and for the people under my care. Yes, it can be scary to move into the unknown, but that is true of LIFE, period. I don’t want to choose blistering heat and barren soil over a lush garden. I don’t want to choose starvation over contentment. And I don’t want to choose insecurity over belonging. 

I don’t want to choose fear and it’s stale scraps over destiny and the pleasure He provides. How about you?


One response to “A Reality of Yielding

  • Bob Kendall

    Thanks for this, speaks volumes to me. Fear is a big issue for me, one that I know He intends to deal with soon. I sometimes get down and feel sad that at 58 Im having to deal with all this still. Then I remember what He said to me on countless occasions about trusting His timing and I also remember that the word courage means living from our whole heart. Thanks to everyone for making this growth possible and creating a safe place or me to do so, I am all in,

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