My “Defining Moment”

I recently watched a video from Newsong Church featuring a guest speaker, Charles Jenkins. He spoke of “defining moments” in our lives. He spoke of his own life, and he gave an example from the Old Testament in the story of Hannah. Hannah prayed and pleaded with God as she longed for a son. You and I do the same, don’t we? We pour ourselves out in prayer and listen for our Father’s response. Where do I find meaning in this process? Do I find it in His fulfillment of my request? Am I defined by how He answers my prayer?

Charles’s point was that our defining moment is in our conversation with God. The definition of a defining moment is: a point at which the essential nature or character of a person,group, etc., is revealed or identified.

Your and my defining moments are the points at which our essential nature is revealed.

I have been living through an extremely difficult season of life. I have prayed for rescue. I have probably prayed for rescue every single day, if not multiple times per day. Just recently, God woke me up in the night to speak to me about this season of life. He gave me Scripture to help me understand His purpose. He brought to my memory all the “small” ways that He orchestrated other people to minister to me throughout the process. He reminded me of several instances where He granted me the wisdom that I had been praying for.

God spoke through some close friends recently when they reminded me that, like Job, my objective is not to “learn my lesson.” My objective is to be with God Himself. And, in the words of Charles Jenkins, that is where my defining moment is found in this season of life.

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for being with me and being so invested in me. Thank you for giving me friends that speak Your truth. Thank you for the random strangers that You have also used to speak into my trials. Thank you also for Charles Jenkins and Newsong for the confirmation and reminder that my time with You is what defines me. You are so good.


2 responses to “My “Defining Moment”

  • Joey Madlangbayan

    I’m so blessed to hear you write about this. “being with God.” That is acknowledging his presence is always a struggle. I always like while dislike the teaching of: when I struggle it is a way of God letting me know to lean-on and reach out to Him. It’s probably the only few times I acknowledge Him. As always he delivers me somehow. I do pray sometimes that I could continuously keep that constant praise. He -has- blessed me with a conscience as big as the pacific ocean. Though I cant seem to keep the guilty waves down sometimes. thanks for your time.

  • Mike Reid

    Well said…yet again!

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