Are you Spiritually Selfish?

Today’s thoughts come from the July 12 message from “My Utmost for His Highest” by Oswald Chambers.
“. . . till we all come . . . to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ . . . —Ephesians 4:13

Reconciliation means the restoring of the relationship between the entire human race and God, putting it back to what God designed it to be. This is what Jesus Christ did in redemption. The church ceases to be spiritual when it becomes self-seeking, only interested in the development of its own organization. The reconciliation of the human race according to His plan means realizing Him not only in our lives individually, but also in our lives collectively. Jesus Christ sent apostles and teachers for this very purpose— that the corporate Person of Christ and His church, made up of many members, might be brought into being and made known. We are not here to develop a spiritual life of our own, or to enjoy a quiet spiritual retreat. We are here to have the full realization of Jesus Christ, for the purpose of building His body.

Am I building up the body of Christ, or am I only concerned about my own personal development? The essential thing is my personal relationship with Jesus Christ— “. . . that I may know Him. . .” ( Philippians 3:10 ). To fulfill God’s perfect design for me requires my total surrender— complete abandonment of myself to Him. Whenever I only want things for myself, the relationship is distorted. And I will suffer great humiliation once I come to acknowledge and understand that I have not really been concerned about realizing Jesus Christ Himself, but only concerned with knowing what He has done for me.

My goal is God Himself, not joy nor peace, Nor even blessing, but Himself, my God.

Am I measuring my life by this standard or by something less?”

My friends, the Fight Club journey is all about discovering your true identity in the Kingdom of God. This does not presume that your new identity will be lived out in a microcosm, a bubble of Christianity that is free from trial, risk and influence from all sides. Rather, true identity is only fully experienced in the context of the Body of Christ, in the company of fellow engaged believers, who are also living for something other than self.

The gifts are only effective in tandem with the gifts of other believers. To isolate ourselves in some monastic manner may provide for intermittent periods of introspection and solitude with God, but they should always serve to refresh us for the return to society. There is a deep blessing that only comes in being part of the collective work God is doing through His Spirit as His children minister to each other in fellowship and to the lost world in outreach.

Do you horde the treasure that has been entrusted to you?


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