Walking the Talk

So, do I practice what I preach?

I had to ask the hard questions today as I processed each unfolding element of my day. I came outside this morning to find this scene: my window broken, my briefcase gone. My laptop computer, iPod, books, etc, my mobile office, gone.

So, after adjusting the day’s appointments, filing the police report, planning alternate transportation and calling insurance, I settled into a manageable calm; “at least my insurance will cover the loss.” What I had yet to discover is that my deductible is quite high on my homeowner’s policy, so I will need to pay for everything I lost, all out of pocket.

That is when the calm left me. I had my freakout: angry, frustrated, and indignant over the circumstances. And, as He tends to do, God reminded me of the lessons learned these past few years; I am not the sum of my possessions. My faith is not in the almighty insurance company. And, most importantly, all this “stuff” is going to burn.

“But I need the computer for work and ministry! I don’t have the funds to pay for all this!” I am being reminded that He is in the business of simplicity. He is in the business of keeping His children reliant upon Him for every kind of provision: emotional, financial, etc.

So, here is my prayer. “Father, thank you for continuing to pour into me the things that I still need to understand. Thank you for these opportunities to be emptied of myself so I can be filled with You. Thank you that You have given me what cannot be taken from me. Thank you for being so good to me that this is the extent of suffering in my life. Thank you for riches that are accumulating in Your Kingdom. Thank you for the reminder.”


One response to “Walking the Talk

  • lefty munnerlyn

    Thanks for this great word and perspective. My heart goes out to you. I too know of the burning feeling knowing that something was wrongly taken. Im with you. We are with you. A loss for you is a loss for us.
    Thank you for your long example of practicing what you preach, as well as preaching what you practice.
    It has been said…Forgiveness is easy until someone has to do it. Thanks for helping me see such a visible example of this in our practical life. God is the God of restoration. He does not leave us, and we will not leave each other. We are in this together.
    I pray for the person who took these things from you, who if they do not know Christ, needs the overwhelming lifechanging reality of who they are and who Christ is. May God use this stealing act to convict them and bring them to Himself, the same way He did for us.
    Im with you brother.

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