Are you avoiding your destiny?

At Fight Club, we’ve been talking for several months about various aspects of our unique identity in Christ. We have explored the concept of us as Priests, Princes and Soldiers. And, like clockwork, the common pushback is fear and unworthiness.

We’ve been looking at how we, children of God, saved from hellfire by the most significant act in history, Jesus’ death as payment for our sins and His resurrection from the dead as the final proof that He was who He said He was, God in the flesh, we were created for acts of heroism in the faith, pre-planned and pre-scheduled for us before we were even born.

We have a role to fulfill-end of story. Choosing to ignore it does not relieve us of the responsibility of it. Are you playing it “safe” by burying your “talent” in the ground, only to “return” it to the One who entrusted it to you, unused, untarnished, and unfulfilled, with no yield whatsoever, and all because you do not feel worthy?

Guys, we must call it for what it is. Your adversary will begin his campaign against you using the easiest tactics available to him. From what I have seen, fear and unworthiness are easy methods at his employ. If you are afraid of your destiny and also don’t believe you are qualified for it, they you certainly won’t be pursuing it!

Let us be perfectly clear. This is not an issue of worthiness! It is, however, a matter of belief. If you do not believe, it will not be possible in your life. If you deny the power of the Spirit, you will not experience it as He intends. If you do not believe God will use you, then guess what, He probably won’t.


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