Do you think Jesus is bored with our Christianity?

Bored Jesus

I recently saw this photo of a Czech statue of Jesus, and I couldn’t let it pass by.  It certainly fits a looming question in my own spiritual journey, “Is modern Christianity boring to Jesus?”  I certainly mean no sacrilege, but seriously, is our Christianity what He had in mind all those years ago when He died on the cross, rose from the dead, and saved mankind from our sin?  Remember, the Church was His creation at that moment…his disciples were to become the first apostles of the Church.  They proceeded in spreading the Kingdom of God in power and authority, in miracles and spiritual battle, establishing the foundations of Christianity all across the globe.  In fact, my own Scottish heritage owes its Christian roots to Joseph of Arimathea, Simon the Zealot, Aristobulus the brother of Barnabas, and finally, to Paul himself.  Historical records reveal that Britain and Scotland were introduced to Christianity by AD 38.  But how these men would revolt at the thought of our passive, powerless, mediocre Christianity today.

Where is the power of God in the Church?  Where is the movement of the Holy Spirit?  Without them, my friends, all we have is an intellectual, academic belief system.  Do you think that this kind of religion shakes the gates of heaven?  It doesn’t even shake the gates of hell!

Have you seen miraculous healing?  Have you experienced power over demons?  Have you received inexplicable divine provision?  Have you lived in the gifting of the Holy Spirit?  Do you hear the voice of God?  Gentlemen, the answer to all these questions should be YES!  This is, after all, how God works!  Let me tell you, first hand, from one Fundamentalist to another, there is nothing more genuine than this kind of active faith.

So again I pose the question: Does your brand of Christianity bore Jesus?  Come join the journey into spiritual maturity together at Fight Club.


One response to “Do you think Jesus is bored with our Christianity?

  • Kurt Keesling

    Thank you for the questions. Very right, very timely and much needed. If we, Christian men, children of the Living God, don’t consider our communication with Him, the active involvement (or lack thereof) of His Holy Spirit, and what little time we have here….then what a travesty. Time to suit up, step up, man up and let him have it all. God bless and see you Wed.

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