Peeling Back the Layers

Picture 2


You’re probably thinking that this is really grotesque.  It is a fictional, Hollywood depiction of a man trying to shed his image. 

It certainly is disturbing, and it is the perfect visual for the shedding of the old man, the removal of false self.  If it is true that our image is a construct of pride, then we must tear off the old to receive the new.  That is a bit exaggerated, you may think.  Really?  Are you sure?  Do you remember what pride is to God?  It is one of the abominations that He hates.  Will you tear into it yourself, or will He need to take action?

Does this sound like a stretch?  Does it sound too cliche?  What does the scripture mean when it says we must “take up our cross, deny ourselves, and follow Jesus?”  False self is what is in the way of us hearing from God.  It isn’t that God has stopped talking…it is just that the walls that have been built up around our hearts muffle the voice of God and inhibit our authenticity.

It is time to tear into the False Self.

Fight Club, 6:30 am, the first Wednesday of the month.

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