Ache in the Absence of Conflict





I watched again last night the final movie in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  It is an epic story of good vs. evil, with the heroes being the least likely individuals you could imagine.  Four of them are Hobbits, small, frail people compared to the warriors they fought alongside.  They had a perilous mission, and the fate of mankind rested on their shoulders. They risked everything to overcome evil. 



At the end of the story, we find these four friends, safe back in The Shire, where they have gathered at the tavern.  I was struck by the ache in their eyes.  They look knowingly at each other as they sit around a small table, surrounded by people completely unaware of their story, their triumph, or the certain death that these four friends saved them from.


How, after conquering the world, can one return to the old life and find meaning?  A legend of Alexander the Great writes that upon conquering his final kingdom, he wept bitterly, for there were no worlds left to conquer.  

It isn’t much different for us, my friends.  As a child of God, as comrades in the Lord’s army, isn’t it deflating to try to find worth and significance in the happenings of everyday life: career, economy, investments, etc.?  I don’t know about you, but I am most invigorated when I am engaged, when there is conflict.  Of course, that is when I am most uncomfortable.  That is when fear tempts my heart.  But, that is also when I feel most alive, most connected with my destiny, and of significance in the Kingdom of God.

Christian men, we were made for battle!  We were made to fight!  We were made for great purpose and great impact, not for meaningless pursuits or misguided attacks.  We do not pick the battles!  The LORD, the great JEHOVAH of the Old Testament, has given us rank and assignment in His army.  Oh, and if you have forgotten, Jesus is the Commander.  

Do you find yourself making up battles to fight?  Do you find yourself melancholy over the lack of significance of your life?  Let me tell you, friend, the Father has a spot reserved for you on the Special Ops team.  The assignment has been picked, and the team is leaving with or without you.  

Will you respond to the call, or will you remain a basic enlisted soldier, finding “safety” in numbers?  When the battle is done, you can return to “normal” life, free from conflict.  However, the Special Ops team is who accomplishes amazing things around the world when wars appear to have ceased.  Consider for a moment the Navy SEALS that just took out the Somali pirates and rescued the ship captain.  Are you ready for the Commander to use you for strategic strikes?  If not, do you dream of the day?  It is time to prepare for battle, my friends.


One response to “Ache in the Absence of Conflict

  • Kurt Keesling

    Undoubtedly, I too “am most envigorated when engaged”. Bring it on! We have the Victory! His name is JESUS !!!

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