Will you answer the call to action?

Noah and Brandon would like to invite you to enlist!!!

Please read the following information below and see if this hits you..

This meeting is once a month first Wednesday of every month 630am-830am.


Send this to every man you know in your church and in your life both young and old.

Are you ready to answer the “call to action” and get out of your comfort zone?

Think about the following questions and see if these spark your interest:

1. Do you keep climbing the corporate ladder of “success” realizing that you have it leaned up against the wrong building? Every time?

2. Is your life based on “success” rather than “significance”?


3. If God is in your life and IS your life, do you “hear” His voice. If so how? If not, WHY?

4. Has God given you a name and birthright?

5. Are you free to LEAD your family and marriage and are you the elder of your home?

6. Is your number one ministry in your life your wife?

7. If you are a Christian man for years now, do you feel disenfranchised from church and God?

8. Do you feel you cannot make sense of “what is my part in life and what is God’s?”

9. Is the life you are living dangerous and what people were martyred for?

10. When you watch the movie 300 do you wish that was you on the screen or does it scare you? Do you feel you “have what it takes”? When you watch Gladiator which character are you? what about Braveheart?

11. When talking with the other Christian men and leaders in your life do you feel like they are the ones in the battle and you wonder why you are on the sidelines?

12. Are you feeling there is more to life than what you are doing and being?

13. Do you know what your purpose and calling is from the Lord? How?

14. Are you living a life of “duty” and “sacrifice”?

15. Is your life clean on the outside and dirty on the inside? Do you think you are a poser and everyone around you is “fooled”?

16. Are you living a life where if you died today God would welcome you and say, “Well done my good and faithful servant. Now come and spend eternity with me in paradise” Will you feel that you’ve fought the good fight, stayed the course and shared that passion with as many as you could?

17. Does your life with God consist of “fitting Him in” when it gets rough or you “need” something? Are you asking Him to bless “your plans” or are you asking how you can bless “his plan”?

If you can relate to these questions then Fight Club is for you.





To Enlist and attend your first match click:


Please Rsvp by visiting the link above or reply to this email. We encourage you to sign up on the events page of the blog so we have your info.


CEO Great Flood Publishing Inc./Noah Fine Art
Proverbs 3:5-6


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