On Knighthood


Masculinity bestows masculinity.

Knighthood, in its original form, was bestowed by a Knight onto the Squire that he had been training.  The Squire started out as a Paige, learning the essentials of life from the Knight.  

The Paige and Squire were trained by the Knight in the art of honor, heroism, warfare, and valor.  Once his training was complete and his ceremonial transition to a Knight was announced, the squire would spend the night in prayer and reflection on the rite of passage that was about to occur.

Depictions of queens knighting warriors do not accurately reflect the process of knighthood.  Once the system had fallen and queens knighted men, it had become a representation of peerage, status and elitism.  The knight had fallen to the status of cultural icon, no longer a symbol of honor and valor.  Knighthood could no longer be earned, but it could be purchased.

Where are you in the process of Knighthood?  Are you a Paige?  A Squire?  A Knight?  Fight Club is a community where Knights develop the next generation of Knights.  We train together, we fight together.


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