A Glimpse Into Spiritual Maturity

Now, solid food belongs to those who are mature, that is to say, those who through practice have exercised their senses to discern good and evil. Hebrews 5:14
What??? Wait a second. Weren’t we taught that solid food means learning deeper knowledge of the bible?
The truth is, bible knowledge is critical-it is essential. Without it, we have no schoolmaster to guide us though the elementary years in faith.
As our education progresses, we reach a stage where we can customize our intellectual learning. We can study what interests us-we can specialize.
We finish our “formal education,” and get out into the real world. We find ourselves having to convert clinical knowledge into real life practice.
How many of us, through this stage, end up realizing that despite all our knowledge, we do not know ourselves?  Socrates said, “Without self-knowledge, there can be no other knowledge worth having.” Despite all your intellect, you begin to flounder, you begin to dispair.
Since what happens to us in the natural parallels what happens in the spiritual sense, maturity looks the same in both aspects of life.
According to the scripture above, spiritual maturity belongs to people that have deliberately exercised their senses. They have had to engage their intuition and emotions where their intellect has short-circuited, where their intellect couldn’t answer the question, where more knowing couldn’t solve the problem.
The frustration then is that we’ve heard that our hearts are deceitful and desperately wicked, so, we can’t trust our hearts, emotions, etc.
Two thoughts on this:
1. The term “wicked” here is actually referring to “weak” and “sick.” Can we accept that our hearts are broken and in need of healing? Absolutely! After all, that was part of Jesus’s mission in Luke 4:18.
2. The Jewish picture of the heart is generally the core of a person, their center, their gut. The heart of a man is comprised of 3 elements: intellect, emotions, and will. If the “heart” is desperately sick, that refers to our whole self! Thankfully, Jesus said, “I have come to heal the sick…healthy people have no need for a physician!”

Who among us is whole and without need of healing?!


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